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We have among other things delivered to the following companies:

Stay Cool: Ice-cream moulds for MINI
Client: FEL Amstelveen

A summer gift for 12,000 MINI drivers with the slogan Stay Cool; an ice-cream mould in the shape of a MINI. The ice-cream can be fully adjusted to their own taste and style;  just like their MINI.

FEL in Amstelveen requested us to develop and deliver the ice-cream mould, and to make a practical packaging for sending the ice-cream mould.
Upon receipt of the first drawings for the ice-cream mould, we further developed the concept. As the shape, colour, look & feel and the logo had to be a seamless fit with the Stay Cool promotion and the MINI brand, we had a prototype mould made of the ice-cream mould.

The packaging to send the ice-cream mould was designed to fit letterboxes. 12,000 MINI drivers received a single ice-cream mould in this packaging. When handing in the attached flyer, they were invited to pick up 3 more ice-cream moulds in different colours from the MINI dealer while having their airco checked. A truly cool promotion. 


From banner to trendy bag: A unique gift for MOJO staff
Client: MOJO

Our regular customer MOJO gave us a wonderful order. They wanted to give their personnel a unique year-end gift. They thought of a bag, such as those made by the Swiss brand FREITAG, giving old truck canvases a second lease of life in the form of contemporary and unique bags.
Rather than truck canvases, they wanted to use old MOJO banners that served festivals such as Rockin the Park and Lowlands.

We found a sewing studio in the Netherlands, cutting the best parts from the banners and making unique bags from each piece.
A very special gift, allowing MOJO employees to literally always carry MOJO with them.  

Done within 2 seconds: NESCAFÉ’s pop-up tent

NESCAFÉ made a raffle for its Facebook followers with some NESCAFÉstival arrangements for the Amsterdam Open Air Festival. Part of this price was a practical pop-up tent that is set up within 2 seconds.

12TRADE provided these tents in the correct PMS colour and NESCAFÉ discerning logo. A great tent to chill and take a breather after a tumultuous festival day.
Thanks to the red colour, it will be easy to find at any festival.

Organised from A to Z: Original invitation for Visma relations 
Client: Visma

Our customer Visma asked us to create balloons with a logo and an A5 format card with a text and logo for a special invitation to their customers. We were happy to do that of course.

We offered Visma to also organise the entire process. We printed the cards and stuck on the printed balloons with superdots (double-sided round adhesives).
We printed the logo and ‘postage paid’ stamp on the envelopes, and put on the addresses from the address file supplied by the customer. We prepared everything and delivered it to Post.nl. This allowed Visma to fully focus on organising the event. 

A new name: Promotion material for Property Academy 
Client: Academie voor Vastgoed (Property Academy, formerly NVM SOM))

The Property Academy (the training institute for NVM real state agents) has been a long-term regular customer of 12TRADE. In late 2015, they changed their name from NVM SOM to Property Academy.

And that needed some new promotion items, of course. We made bags, cases, umbrellas and pens in their own PMS house colour and their new name.
Perfect to quickly familiarise a wide audience with the new name. 

Technical top performance: André Kuipers 
Client: ESA (European Space Agency)

ESA contacted us with the request to supply a voice recorder with extremely good recording quality and user convenience. The voice recorder was to be used for astronaut André Kuipers during one of his space travels.

TNO developed a so-called ‘tactile vest’ that enhances the wearer’s spatial orientation by giving accurate vibrations on certain body parts. This works as intuitively as a tap on the shoulder. In order to record the vibrations, the voice-recorder technology was used and applied in André Kuipers’ vibration vest. All of André Kuipers’ movements and actions in space can be recorded via this vest, to be analysed subsequently on earth. 

Specifically for supports: A fan shop for SDO football club 
Client: SDO Football Club Bussum

As one of the sponsors of SDO Football Club Bussum, 12TRADE received a request to help set up an SDO fan shop.

We started looking for fun promotion items that should not be missing in any fan shop: drinking bottles, towels, footballs, umbrellas, cups, glasses, medals, ribbons, pens, hats, sports bags, baby bodysuits and many more -   with the club logo of course. A fan shop that serves over 1,200 club members with a passion. 


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